Tofu Ravioli (Ricotta Substitute)

For those of you living in an Asian country, (or just wanting to eat healthier) ricotta can be a difficult topic. A lot of people try to sub vegan plastic (or Japanese cheese products) into italian dishes, with disastrous results. When you’re subbing ingredients for health or convenience, you need to get over the temptation to buy imitators of whatever the ingredient may be. Imitation anything is ALWAYS disappointingly different. So stop trying to find an exact match, and instead think about what might complement the dish. I’ve found that in nearly every recipe calling for ricotta, tofu creates a lovely light texture and keeps the dish moist. (where ricotta is dense and can even end up drying out the dish)

And it’s so so easy.

Tofu Ricotta:
– 1 block firm or medium tofu
– italian spices
– parmesan cheese optional
– few drops of lemon juice

Dry the tofu a bit (don’t bother with that whole press-drying nonsense- it’s unnecessary here) and dump it into a bowl. Add everything. Squeeze it between your fingers until it is mashed and looks eerily like ricotta.

That’s it! Use it in manicotti, ravioli, and ESPECIALLY lasagne. It is great in lasagne.

Pros of using tofu: non-fat, low-calorie, high-protein, vegan, fluffier, wetter
Cons of using tofu: it’s not cheese

You can actually do a 1/2 and 1/2 mix of tofu and ricotta if you were just doing this for health, and not due to the lack of cheese and cheapness of tofu in Asian countries. That works great.

Here are my Japanese Ravioli. I used circular wonton wrappers instead of pasta, so they didn’t need to be boiled in water. This makes them much faster and easier than traditional ravioli.

Tofu ravioli.
I didn’t feel like messing with spices, so I used pesto.

Perfect!  Don’t overfill your ravioli.  A small spoonful in the center is perfect.  Wonton wrappers are MUCH thinner than pasta, so you need to lower the amount of filling and keep it balanced.

They always look perfect.  So cute!!!


Don’t boil- just dump em straight into your tomato sauce.

BAM.  Tofu ravioli.

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