Prague 2 – Art, Clubs, Food, Ice Bars

Okay, I love culture and museums and beautiful stuff, but Prague was just… WEIRD. In the best possible way. I mean, see below for examples. Giant black babies with bar codes for faces, a visual representation of communism eating away the heart of mankind. Crazy stuff, I was moved. Everything in Prague was just a little gothic. It was a lifestyler’s paradise of dark art, ancient architecture, and general creepiness. The feeling didn’t invade the people living there at all however. Everyone was bright and sunny, if a bit hipster. Maybe it was just because we were near the art school, but it seemed that Prague has become a congregation point for the hip. There was, I kid you not, a drum circle at the Google+ event. Oh dear. Oh, and the clock pictures below are also quite famous and detail a creepy Prague landmark. The astronomical clock does a little Cuckoo display in town square, showing characters from the Bible in creepy caricature every hour.

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