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Move Over Guacamole- 7 Fantastic Avocado Spreads and Dips - |

Move Over Guacamole- 7 Fantastic Avocado Spreads and Dips

Guacamole has been the go-to use for avocados, and with good reason.  It is YUMMY.  But variety is the spice of life, and avocado variety is the spice of the snack bar.  If your friends are as into dips and spreads as I am, consider offering a few of these simple avocado salsas, dips and spreads for them to sample at your next get-together.  full pic



PICTURED (from left to right, top to bottom).

tomatillo salsa
chunky salsa
kale guacamole
yogurt avocado dip
avocado cream sauce
avocado hummus
bacon guacamole




1.  Avocado Hummus

If you haven’t had hummus- go out right now and try it.  If you haven’t had avocado hummus, well there are two options.

A) grab your favorite Sabra or Trader Joe’s flavor, mash in a nice avocado, and give it a try

B) Check out this lovely recipe over at The Lovely Cupboard

Now, both of these ideas have merit.  The lovely lady running that blog gives a simple and all-natural recipe that will give you a delicious hummus.  But… BUT.  For those of us with cheap food processors or who don’t know exactly how hummus is supposed to taste in the first place, option A is still open.  Personally, I have yet to have a homemade hummus which measured up to Sabra and TJ’s house recipes.  Actually, if I have any readers from the Phoenix Metro Area, you can find my #1 favorite hummus at Pita Jungle.  I hear they’ve been opening more locations, even in CA.  You can check them out here.  The jalepeno hummus is to die for, and not too spicy at all.


2. Kale Guacamole

Lately people have gotten into the habit of greening up everything with kale, from smoothies to potato chips.  But this idea is just crazy enough to work.  The intense green color and creamy texture of this blended guac lets the kale take a bit of spotlight while adding a burst of health.  All of these spreads are chock full of fiber and good fats from the avo itself, but kale adds a whole new level of vitamins and minerals.  Plus it cuts down on the richness, making it possible to eat this dip straight.  Katie mentions that it’s great on toast –  I can just see a nice wheat toast, fried egg, and kale guacamole in the morning.  Check out her recipe here.






3. Tomatillo Avocado Salsa

Now some of us from near the border may be saying “Oh come on.” but seriously-  this sensation hasn’t hit the north yet.  So consider this a PSA to the yanks (I kid, I kid).  Tomatillos are the flavor you’re trying to ID in every salsa that isn’t pico de gallo.  It’s that thinner salsa.  Yes, tomatillo is the secret ingredient.  So get your bum over to a Mexican supermarket and pick up a few.  There’s a great recipe at herbivoracious.  Once you master the tomatillo salsa, add in the avocados and go wild.


4. Chunky Cut Salsa

What is guacamole?  Some people define it by the ingredients, but I define it by mashing.  To me, if you didn’t mash the avocado (not fully- maybe about 1/2 mashed vs 1/2 chunks) it isn’t a guac.  So in that spirit, this avocado salsa is a great intro to chunking.  The key to a really good chunky avocado salsa is perfect ingredients.  Buy your tomato from a farmers market or grow it yourself.  Fresh cilantro (seriously just don’t make it if you don’t have cilantro) and onions just slightly smaller than the other chunks.  Perfection.  If you really need a recipe, check out this simple one.


5. Avocado Cream Saucephone 021

Cream sauce using avocado is all the rage right now.  There are a billion sites and recipes so I won’t get into it, but here is my 2 cent advice.  Don’t try to cook it.  Put it on pasta after draining, or use it as a salad dressing, or on chips, or in a burrito or taco.  And go simple.  I picked this recipe because it has only a few ingredients, and it just gives you the goods.  Check it.


6. Bacon Avocado Spread

Um.  Yum.  I think I may be in heaven.  Bacon and avocado, a bit of jalepeno, and no complicated flavors to ruin the experience.  Only make this if you like bacon and avocado.  And if you don’t like bacon and avocado… well have you TRIED them?  Yum.



7. Avocado Yogurt Dip

All of the deliciousness of our green friends, and all of the light tasty health of yogurt.  Most dips and spreads use sour cream to add that heavy fatty delicious flavor.  This one simply subs out for a lighter yogurt taste.  I like the hint of sourness it adds.

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    Thank you for another informative website. Where else could I get that type of information written in such an ideal way? I’ve a project that I’m just now operating on, and I’ve been around the appear out for such info.

  2. Trellum says:

    Amazing salsa and guacamole ideas :P I’m mexican by the way, and I found most of your suggestions totally yummy!

    I loved the idea of preparing avocado hummus. I’ve tried hummus before and I loved it, so I can’t even imagine what it’d be like to mix it with avocado! It must feel like an explosion of flavours inside your mouth :) I prefer to make my own tho, sabra is ok, but there is nothing like enjoying a homemade hummus :D

  3. rzashida says:

    I think the avocado and kale dip would taste excellent. Both avocado and kale have excellent health benefits and combining them would give me a great boost for the day. I am sure it taste great and has a earthy flavor. I will try this recipe out.

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