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Knitting: the best thing ever, or what?
Started by Peasant Pocketsheep 4 years ago
Personally, I find knitting to be a great way to do something creative and wonderful. There are only a few basic techniques you need to get started, and then you're good to go. You can expand your knowledge at your own pace, and if you work with small projects with small needles, you can take your project almost everywhere with you! Right now, I'm completing my first lace scarf, which fits right into my purse and has been worked on on the bus, on the train, while someone else was driving me, and while I've watched copious amounts of television. That's right: I can knit and watch TV. What a way to make a guilty pleasure slightly less guilty!

Plus, between patterns and materials, you can express yourself however you want. Knitting makes me feel clever and productive, and there's nothing like a handmade gift crafted in the perfect color to let someone know that you were thinking about them. And thinking about them. And thinking about them. Because, hey, these projects are the ultimate "some assembly required"!

I still don't know everything about knitting, obviously. My next big challenge to myself? Cables. If I knew how to do cables, a whole new WORLD of knitting patterns would be open to me! Come on, gang, who's with me? It's time to learn a new technique!

Posts: 4
Peasant Mommajj8 replied 4 years ago...

I need to relearn how to knit, first! My grandmother taught me when I was in high school, but, being the teenager that I was, I did not keep at it and I lost the skill. I'm in luck though, because my MIL is going to teach me again. At this point, I just want to be able to make scarves for people with materials that my grandmother left behind. I like the idea of knitting for all of the reasons that you mentioned!

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Peasant Pocketsheep replied 4 years ago...

Honestly, my mother tried to teach me how to knit years ago, but I never picked it up. She and I have a habit of butting heads, and having her constantly knit picking my work (as necessary as it was/is for a beginner to get feedback!) was just too much for teenage me. I quit, we put our relationship before me learning how to knit, and just a couple years ago a friend of mine who knew how to knit and was passionate about knitting taught me, and since then I can't get enough!

Short little update on the lace project: I only made a couple of mistakes, and it really came togrther in the end! I used an orange and peach colorway variegated yarn for it, and I feel like it really came together! Of course... it looks terrible with my coloring and I'll probably end up giving it away... but it was a joy to knit and I'll make sure that whomever gets it really appreciates the value of the gift that I'm giving them!

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Peasant likethepear replied 4 years ago...

Best thing ever....yes! I cannot sit still without knitting needles in my hands. I learned when I had to spend 6 weeks on bed rest and have created hundreds of things since then. It is amazing how much you can do with two little stitches, two little sticks and a ball of string. Cables most definitely open up a whole new world of texture in knitting.

Are you on That's the place to go for patterns and inspiration! Happy knitting

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Peasant Cuppycake replied 4 years ago...

Knitting is relaxing and stress relieving, in my personal experience. It is also a great way to be creative. There are so many different designs and so many different projects you can work on whether it be hats, blankets or something else. Knitting is overall just wonderful.

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  1. Trogdor2001 says:

    Hello to all members of this site! I look forward to seeing other craft ideas and get marketing ideas. I am new to the crafting world but love making presents and recycling old items for new uses. My son is moving to Japan in the next year for his career so I am looking forward to seeing posts on Japanese crafts and culture.

  2. keithann says:

    Hello. I am new here and look forward to seeing everyone’s craft ideas. There are so many wonderful ideas out there, I look forward to seeing yours. Christmas is right around the corner and we can probably gain a lot of knowledge from this site.

  3. Cuppycake says:

    Hello, everyone! It’s fun to see everyone’s unique craft ideas. This is a very inspiring forum! (:

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