What is this place?

It is a spot for creators to post their work and connect, while receiving renumeration for their efforts.

Who is welcome?

Anyone who creates a product or service that has an online aspect, or anyone who wants to make money online.  For example, writers on Hubpages, Squidoo and Textbroker are just as welcome as Affiliate Marketers or Swagbucks users.

What should I do?

1. Register

2. Check out the forums

3. Submit an article

4. Browse articles

5. Have fun

What kinds of content can be posted here?

Anything with a bit of intrinsic value.  Don’t try to make a post simply linking back to your Etsy shop or an affiliate.  Talk a bit about your craft, how you started, and include a pretty picture (we LOVE pinning!).  If you want to post a link for other users to check out, do so in the status box on the user home page.

How do I get paid?
Include your Adsense code with your submission. This is not your Adsense ID. A guide to finding or making your own ad code can be found here. The moderation team will format and post your content with your Adsense block included. Please use reasonable ad sizes as defined in the guide.

Where can I link?

Anywhere reasonable.  No endless-loop sites, malware, scams etc are tolerated.  Also please avoid pay-to-redirect link shorteners.  If you use one, admin reserves the right to change it to a normal link.

Do you own my content?

No, and you may ask that it be taken down at any time.  However, please do not post the same content that is already on other sites.  And of course, do not steal photographs or content.  At all.  Ever.

I still have questions…

Check out the forums!  There is likely an administrator lurking around.

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