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DIY Lush Bath Bombs Recipes (Copycat Scents!) - |

DIY Lush Bath Bombs Recipes (Copycat Scents!)

Lush is the holy grail for many bath bomb and natural bath product lovers, but being green comes with a price when you take the easy way out. I would never begrudge Lush their prices. They have a quality product, amazing staff, and a wonderful atmosphere. Seriously- I can walk into a mall and immediately say “There is a Lush around here, I can smell it.” and this is a GOOD thing. What a wonderful place. If you are a Lush worker reading this, please send me an application- just kidding. I can’t be that bright and peppy all day. I would explode. But you keep doing you `kay?

So while Lush is the best thing since grated lemons in terms of pure scent, not many of us can afford to spend $4-$6 per bath on their products. And I don’t know about you guys, but to me there is just something that ruins the experience if I break one of their bath bombs in half. It kills the luxury for me. But that is one cheaper alternative.

For others of us living in the boonies, the nearest Lush is hours away (Annapolis! Wahhhh!) making their bath products even more inaccessible.

Or, you know, we Pinteresters just gotta try the DIY version of everything, no matter how horrendous it may turn out.

Like any Pinterest user I have seen about 100 recipes for DIY bath bombs. I have a few problems with most of them. First: the ingedients are EXPENSIVE. All caps. Like wow. This is not a “use your old socks to make wall art” pinstrosity, this is a “lay out $100 on the vague possibility that this might work” Pinstrosity. Especially when you start figuring in scented oils and special ingredients so that you end up with something other than a mundane fizzy ball.

So like any silly Pinterest user, I started experimenting. I wanted to know the BEST way to do this. The BEST scents for bath bombs. And where, do you think, are those? Why LUSH of course! A copycat Lush bomb gives you a basis in the known, so you have an idea how it should be turning out at each stage. It also guarantees a decent scent at the end.  If you want to find other copycat perfumes, like Axe or Bath and Body Works scents to dupe, check out this AMAZING site which aggregates copycat scents and tells you where to buy them.  Unfortunately they don’t have Lush- thus the inspiration for this post.

My Favorite DIY Lush Bath Bomb Recipes!

First, you are going to need some basic ingredients. I have to rec The Chemistry Store as a no-nonsense chemical and supply shop. In a market where everyone selling “natural” or “diy kit” products jacks up the price by %200, The Chemistry Store is a breath of fresh air. However, if you want to go the Amazon route or just price check and compare, take a looksee at these basics you’ll need for every recipe. 

This entry also includes links to all the scent recipes for DIY lush copycats.

The ButterBall dupe including Cocoa Butter.

Another recipe from Craftster WITH SLS.

I personally don’t use SLS in my recipes, because while it makes the bubbles nicer it is dangerous to inhale and not 100% necessary.

lush bags

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  2. Millie says:

    Lush dupes…this intrigues me. I have used LUSH products in the past. They are Seductive, and although using Lush products makes me feel like I am really taking good care of myself, I have not bought any of their products for sometime now.

    When I go into one of their stores, I want to buy everything. It is SO frustrating having to pick just a couple of items. One would have to spend all day, every day, for about a month, in the shower and bath in order to use all of the products that I long to buy in just one visit.

    I really like their bath bombs. I got about 3 of them as a gift not too long ago. Just one of those bath bombs dropped into a bathtub made everything smell so good that was even remotely close to the bathroom. Learning how to make bath bombs, as opposed to having to venture into one of the Lush stores, really appeals to me.

  3. rzashida says:

    I think Lush is something special. The atmosphere, and creativity behind the products is very impressive. The only thing I am not impressed with is that they do not use 100 percent organic and natural ingredients. I do not like any chemicals in my beauty products. I can’t wait to make my own bath bombs. There is nothing like your own.

  4. zlemune says:

    Interesting, I’m very lazy but also kind of cheap so this is quite intriguing. Thanks for the thorough linkage (that’s the lazy part of me talking ;)

  5. […] hot baths with a bath bomb and a good […]

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