Crazy Christmas Craft Gifts For DIY-ers

What are you supposed to buy for the person who makes everything themselves?  Gadgets are one option, but a lot of DIY-ers and craft hounds like to keep their living spaces as crisp and clear as possible, utilizing just basic tools and not crowding rooms with knick-knacks and gifts.  This makes them terrible to buy for.  The next obvious choice is food, but with everyone watching their waists it’s usually not a good idea to do food Christmas gifts.  Holiday packages or subscriptions can be way too expensive for what you get too.  So what can you buy this Christmas crafter that will get used and not just take up space?

Top 5 Christmas Craft Gifts on Amazon

Bubblegum 1/2lb:


For the teenage DIY-er, or an adult with a highly developed sense of whimsy, what about a kit to make a half-pound of bubble gum?  This is more on the fun Holiday Crafts side, less on the useful side.  But aren’t gifts supposed to be sort of silly?


30lb mozz and ricotta cheese:

homemade mozzarella


A more adult project that’s still edible is this awesome cheese-making kit.  Now, the description says it makes up to 30lbs, but this does not mean that you need to make 30lbs at once.  What people usually do is make it 1 gallon of milk (or about 1 pound) at a time.  The materials in the kit will keep indefinitely, so for cheese-lovers and craft makers this gift is fun, useful, and thrifty!

homemade mozzarella

Pallet Coasters:

Know someone who is constantly pinning pallet crafts on Pinterest?  Take a light-hearted jab at the pallet obsession with these cute coasters.

pallet coasterspallet coasters

Grow Your Own Mushrooms (Indoors!):


button mushroom kitA lot of mushroom growing kits are big, messy, and smelly.  They ask the buyer to put a huge bag of god knows what somewhere in the house for button mushroom boxmonths on end, hoping that what’s growing in there is mushrooms and not -you know- rot/mold/a beetle infestation.  That’s why these mushroom kits are so perfect.  Just water your cute little box, and the mushrooms pop right out of it!  I wouldn’t be ashamed to have this in my house, and the small size lets buyers try out this fun activity before committing to starting a farm.  This kit is for white button mushrooms just like you buy at the grocery store.  It makes a great present for cooks and gardeners.

brown mushroom kit

oyster mushroom kit

Foodies might be more interested in oyster mushrooms, which are actually even easier to grow indoors.

oyster mushroom kit

Sprout pencils:

Growing an herb garden from a pencil stub?  Okay so this one is kind of a gimmick, but lately it seems like you can grow a garden from anything.  Simply use the pencil like normal, and when it’s down to the nub, you plant it in a pot.  There are herb and flower versions.  The selling point is how cute the planted pencils look.

pencilsplants grown from pencils

pencils sproutingsprouted pencils


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