Common Crochet Problems (and Fixes!) For Beginners

Crochet is much easier than knitting, in my opinion.  It’s also more forgiving, however this means that even if you are doing something horribly wrong, the crocheting will still work, it will just look ugly.  With knitting you usually get stuck if you are making a mistake, or see quickly that something is wrong with your pattern, but crochet is a bit more difficult to figure out.  You often can’t notice when you dropped a stitch and it takes several rows before the gradually shrinking rows become apparent.  This means that going back and correcting can be a real pain.

My favorite guide to common crochet mistakes covers most of these issues.  Check the link to take a look.  Some common crochet problems include holding the hook too tightly or skipping a stitch after the chain when you shouldn’t.  Wonky looking amigurumis are often the result of doing the whole thing inside out.  As amis have become more and more popular, the number of people looking for tutorials is increasing, as is the knowledge base concerning how to manage these projects.

If a project is simply beyond your skill level, it may be time to choose something else to work on.  In reality, frustration is the most common problem for beginning crocheters.  Getting frustrated and quitting is the worst thing that can happen- especially when you promise yourself to pick it up later.  That ends up never happening, but the ghost of the unfinished project keeps you from starting anything new.  Stalling out usually means never returning to a hobby, so give up quickly on a project that is beyond your skill level and giving you too many problems.  Consider taking up an easier pattern.  I have collected some of my favorite simple granny square patterns on this site as well to help beginners looking to embark on a larger project.

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