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casual couponingBlogs and Apps for Couponing and Frugality

Getting Started: Just Do It

Wouldn’t it be awesome to check out at the grocery store with carts full of merchandise and only have to pay a few dollars? You can do exactly that with coupons and special deals. Couponing does require a time investment, but the rewards are more than worth the effort.  The great thing about couponing is that the initial savings from just a small effort can be huge.

Depending on the area in which you live, the hardest part of couponing may be finding a coupon source. If you local paper doesn’t consistently carry coupons, you can order them through online sources such as Whole Coupon Inserts.

Every good couponer needs an organization system. Some people use a three-ring binder with baseball card holders. A binder system allows you to view each coupon easily by flipping through the pages of the binder. Other people use a card filing system or envelopes. The envelope system might work for beginning couponers, but most people will find they need more storage before too long.

Going To The Extremes?

When you begin your coupon journey, one of the first decisions you will need to make is how far you want to go on this journey. Many people begin as a casual couponer. They save a few coupons and use them in their normal shopping routine.

The main advantage to casual couponing is that it does not require as much of a time investment. Coupons still need to be clipped and presented at the register; however, there are usually less coupons involved. It doesn’t take as long to clip them. The shopping is completed in the same amount of time as it would be normally.

Extreme couponing takes it to the next level. Most extreme couponers have several binders of coupons. Some of these people spend hours clipping coupons and matching deals. Many of them even have dedicated computers and printers to print online coupons.

The easiest way I have found to get extreme savings without extreme effort is to buy coupons. It may seem counter-intuitive, but if you only want a few of the items in each weekly newspaper’s section, it is not worth the price of the newspaper to get them. There are many people who sell coupons in huge packs, so it can be efficient to look for those coupons instead of going to the trouble to cut them yourself. Usually you can buy about $20 worth of savings for $1. There is a better explanation as well as links to buy coupons from couponers here.

Extreme couponing has it advantages. You save more money. You get more product. For many people, it is worth the effort. Some just think of it as a job and consider their savings as additional income they are bringing into the household.

Getting A Little Help From Apps


The SnipSnap app allows the user to scan paper coupons into the app and leave the bulky coupon binders at home. You can save coupons for certain stores and the app will remind you to use those coupons when you walk into the store. The disadvantage is that not all merchants accept digital coupons.


Foursquare is considered social media and is often overlooked at a couponing app. Many merchants offer coupons for checking into Foursquare at their establishment.


The Groupon app is simply a mobile way to use the Groupon website. Incredible deals are delivered to users. Normally, these deals have a time limit or a maximum number of times they can be accepted.

Follow That Blogger

Money Saving Mom

Crystal blogs about many topics involved with running a household. Her blog posts always include the latest deals and scenarios for coupons. Her posts describe which coupons to use at which stores and where those coupons came from.

The Krazy Coupon Lady

The owner of this blog, Joanie Demer, was actually a participant on the show “Extreme Couponing”. She goes dumpster diving to secure her stash of coupons and presents daily deals for other couponers.

Healthy Life Deals

Couponing is about saving money, but Jennifer uses her blog to prove that couponing doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice health. Her blog contains coupons and deals for healthy foods.

Keeping It All Under Control

Couponing can be addicting. The exhilarating thrill of getting more products for less money can entice some people to take it to the extreme. Remember that couponing is about saving money on items you need. There is no reason to buy things you won’t use, simply to use your coupons.

It’s ok to try new things. As a matter of fact, coupons are great for trying new things without paying a lot of money for something you might not even want. Just don’t get carried away. You might not want to buy 100 of a new item until you find out if you are actually going to use it.

Every extreme couponer builds up a stockpile of items. Share the wealth. Find some place where you can periodically donate your excess items.

Most of all, don’t let couponing take over your life. Remember that family and relationships are more important than money.

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