Backpacking Europe: Venice, Italy

Here are just a few of the photographs we took while backpacking through Italy. This set is about 1/4th of Venice. It’s crazy how many pictures my friend took. Someday I will have the time to run photoshop on them all and do a “best of” post, but for now here they are raw. Venice was beautiful. I would love to live there, but like most of Italy it would be a better place to live than to visit. All through Italy we had a hard time finding “authentic” culture, or what we perceived to be authentic culture. I mean, I hope Italy’s true culture isn’t just pre-heated food, street sellers/beggars, and service charges on everything. We actually found two pretty nice bars in the “student” area where we were staying. But when you went into the more touristy part of town (the whole place is touristy, but there is definitely a central location around the cathedral) it became impossible to find any store or restaurant that wasn’t just trying to screw you. The area we stayed in was super nice though. Vegetable sellers in the morning, bars at night. Quiet.

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