CreatorSocial is a website devoted to other websites.  It is a place for creators and users of sites to come together and talk about their work.

Creation is always more fun when you have other creators in the same niche to bounce ideas off of.  The overarching point of this site is to bring together internet users with a common goal (making money online) and give them a place to talk about it, post their work, and trade commentary and critique.

Physical, non-physical, and affiliate goods and services are all welcome.

Also welcome are “workers” of sites such as Swagbucks and MTurk.

As a brand new site, CreatorSocial is still finding its “culture” and will be evolving with the userbase.  Nothing is set in stone.  If in doubt, just go for it.  Worst case scenario is deletion.

Sign up, introduce yourself, and enjoy the site.


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