6 Best Granny Squares for Beginners

It’s incredible how a different yarn can give a project a whole new look.  What seems like the worst granny square ever can become a work of art just by changing yarns. When I see a pattern, I look closely at the stitches and try to envision how it would look in a variety of yarns and sizes. This is how I chose these Best Granny Squares for Beginners.

If you see a pattern that isn’t your style, don’t simply pass by.  Some people like bright poppy colors and crochet all their granny squares in whites and pinks, while other people love jewel tones and produce patterns with those colors.

Here are two pictures of blankets made using the SAME granny square pattern.

grannies bad


Incredible right? If you are an experienced crocheter take a look at the stitches – they all match.  The only difference is the yarns used.

This being so, the “Circle in a Square” or “Flowers in the Snow” pattern by Solveig is my first nomination for Best Simple Granny Squares For Beginners (what a mouthful- I’ll try to think of a new name as we go!).  This lovely lady did a great translation to English on the same page, so don’t be put off by the strange letters.  It’s mostly double crochets and chains- no fancy stitches or difficult to follow repeats.  Find her pattern and blog here. 

Next, we have a lovely sunburst pattern by Priscilla.


There are two stitches in this one, beyond the usual sc and dc etc. They are easy to master and allow this beautiful textured effect.  Find Priscilla’s pattern and blog here.


For the next square, you need an open mind.  Consider my previous words about using different yarns for new effects. 

ugly square

…and here is my rendition of Priscilla’s “Victorian Baubles” in Caron’s Simply Soft yarn. I SWEAR this is the same pattern except the very last round, which I actually simplified.



And you can find the pattern and blog here. See how different that square looks, compared to mine? But I’ll tell you a secret- I just used a simple single crochet stitch as the edging, and sized down the hook by 1. I tried the pattern all in one color- salmon pink, and it was terrible. I think the contrast really adds here. Round 7 may seem difficult for this list of Best Granny Squares for Beginners, but just remember that it is only a repeating pattern where you want the corner to be the “longest” stitch. dtrc corners, sizing down to triples, then doubles, then hdc, and back up for the next corner.


Don’t get distracted yet- we’re working our way down to even easier and prettier afghan squares.  This next one may not technically be a square, but it sure is easy.  Take a look at the “Super Simple Hexagon.”


Props to the creator at “One Loop Short” for this easy to understand and quick to make granny square pattern.  Check it out here.


Coming in at second place is the Never Fading Flower square.  This one is a bit tougher, since it uses some combination-stitches, but it is such a lovely square and has only 5 rounds.  This one is only available as a Ravelry download, so here are three renditions of it (see what I mean about the different yarns?).


And you can find it on Ravelry here.


Finally, my personal favorite Granny Square of All Time.  This square looks professional, classy, and cute.  It doesn’t overwhelm when done in bright colors, and it looks so so difficult and intricate.  Would you believe it’s just a bunch of double crochet stitches gathered together?  This is the fastest square I have ever done (discounting the most basic granny) and the reward is incredible.  These look even better in person than the pictures.

So my #1 Best Granny Square For Beginners is



This one is known simply as “Something Pretty” over at the Mille Makes blog.  It is incredible and deserves all of the attention it has gotten recently on Pinterest.

Check out her easy instructions here.


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  1. […] or double crochet stitch into a beautiful pattern. Check my previous post for examples of the easiest beautiful granny squares. If you go with a linear crochet, shells or stitching in the round can make for a more interesting […]

  2. rubymusic1 says:

    I had no idea you could do hexagonal granny squares! I’m definitely going to try this, and i’ve been crocheting for ages, always going to try something new. Thanks!

  3. MomToBoys says:

    Thank you for illustrating the idea of using different colors in Granny Squares.

    I am going to teach my son to crochet. Crocheting is so good for finger strength, dexterity and hand-eye coordination. It would be a very good activity to help with handwriting. Granny Squares are such a nice sized project and will definitely keep his attention.

    We could each work on a different blanket with different colors based on the seasons. Beautiful!

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